Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Academy
– A Student Financial Scholarship Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Campaign?

  •    Increasing enrollment increases the need for student financial assistance.
  •    The percentage of students needing assistance has increased.
  •    Campus work opportunities have declined because of US labor department regulations.
  •    Funding the need for student assistance in advance will add stability to the budget process.
  •    Having an adequate assistance fund allows Sunnydale to fulfill its mission of reaching the maximum number of young people for Christ.

              *See the campaign introductory videos posted on the Sunnydale website and on Facebook for more information.

What is the duration of the Campaign?

We are in the beginning phase of the campaign.  This campaign will continue as the main fundraiser for student assistance funds for the next several years.

How are the Campaign funds tracked and used?

Strict accounting procedures are maintained. Monies that come in are placed in a fund restricted for student assistance.  For every dollar released from that restricted fund there will be and must be a dollar applied to a student account.   Annual audits verify.

How do I give to the Student Assistance Scholarship Campaign?

Payment may be made by check, credit/debit card or electronic check.

  • Send your checks to Sunnydale Academy at 6818 Audrain Rd 9139, Centralia, MO  65240
  • Go to Give a Gift to make a one time gift by credit card, debit card or electronic check
  • Go to Schedule My Gifts to set up a reoccurring gift.
  • To make automatically reoccurring gifts contact the Sunnydale business office at 573-682-2164.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt?

Yes.  Each gift made is acknowledged with a thank you card or letter and a receipt.

How is the information about this campaign getting presented to potential donors?

Letter, emails, phone calls and personal visits are being made.   The introductory videos are being shown at churches and also sent to many donors that reside outside the IA-MO Conference.  Electronic media –You Tube, Facebook, the Sunnydale website and the Sunnydale Email newsletters all provide information on this Campaign.

I’ve not been contacted or have questions?

See the previous FAQ on how to give to the campaign or call/email one of the campaign contacts.

                         Dean Coridan     Board Chair                       515-223-1197

                         Gary Russell        Principal                             573-682-2164

                         Erv Bales             Campaign Coordinator    573-881-3477